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My Teaching Philosophy:

For me, teaching is a passion; I live and breathe it. Since 2012, I’ve provided Houston and North New Jersey students with private classical piano and cello lessons. I teach each child with an organized, nurturing but challenging approach. I love teaching people who are eager to expand their minds, talents, and skills, and bring a depth of professional expertise to those who strive to excel.

CLASSICAL MUSIC is the core of my curriculum as all music can be understood through its study. The curriculum is designed to encourage sound musicianship and beautiful piano playing. To these ends, students are immersed in the following concepts:

  • THEORY - A significant part of each lesson is devoted to understanding and reinforcing basic concepts regarding scales, chords, and musical symbols. Age-appropriate games and enrichment activities are used.

  • RHYTHM - As possibly the single most important aspect of music, students are steeped in motor activities from the beginning lessons to encourage the sense of a strong beat, the ability to imitate a rhythm pattern, and to produce more and more complex rhythms. Rhythm games are often used for these activities. 

  • READING - In order that students can eventually play any type of music they desire, reading intervals on the staff which is paired with staff reading, is taught along with rhythmic reading .. All reading activities receive a high priority in the curriculum.

  • TECHNIQUE - To ensure comfort and facility while playing the piano, students are taught proper physical approaches from the beginning lessons. Excellent fingering habits are taught through scales and chords and well-chosen repertoire and etudes. Technique for its importance to achieving mood and character is a constant theme.



I am based in NEW YORK CITY and teach private lessons to students of all levels, ranging from ages 7-18. I offer in-person lessons as well as Zoom lessons. All students should practice at least the length of their lessons. Each student should practice at least 5 days each week. I encourage each student to have a fixed time each day to practice as a routine ensures constancy. Practice is essential and ensures success and strengthens skills learned at the lesson.  


If interested in taking lessons, please contact me via: 

Method Books:

Students who study with me can expect to use various method books, including:

- Essential Elements, Books 1-3

- Suzuki Cello School, Volumes 1-10

- Position Pieces Books 1 and 2 by Rick Mooney

- Thumb Position for Cello by Rick Mooney, Books 1-2

- 170 Foundation Studies for Violoncello by Alwin Schroeder

- Violoncello Technique by Mark Yampolsky

- 40 Studies (High School of Cello Playing) by David Popper

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